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By Lee Harrington
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At the request of groups and individuals that would like to see all classes, workshops, demonstrations, discussions, learning rituals and more offered by Lee Harrington, the following alphabetical listing of all classes is provided. For 1-3 day educational intensives, please visit that page, and for other educator information, visit the main educator page.

Lee has also been asked which of these classes are best for universities, which are best for a 101 audience, and which are learning rituals. Thus, the following key is provided:

  • +++ = Appropriate for university classes
  • ### = Great for 101 audiences
  • *** = Learning rituals

Many of the classes listed below can be modified for a variety of audiences, including university guest lecturing or private gatherings, so please do not hesitate to contact Lee about these questions and more. Feel free to also contact him about the possibility of having new educational material designed is specific cases, such as keynote speeches or specific curriculum needs.

A note to conference organizers: some classes have cross-over content.  Please confirm with Lee Harrington before announcing a course lineup for your event, just in case you have chosen 2 classes with crossover material.

And now… the complete class list:

***Alignment and Integration of the Personal Trinity

Within a great variety of traditions, there is a belief and experience of each individual having multiple layers of Self. In this ritual, we will work to align these parts of Self, creating a web of communication. Referred to by some as the mind, body, and divine self, we will work in this ritual with breath, symbols, sound, and movement to create a connection between our Selves – taking the experiences of our journeys and integrating them into our lives as we move forward.

Asymmetrical Bondage

The human eye is drawn to the triangle, the thing that is out of place, the imbalance in life. Asymmetrical bondage is not just aesthetically pleasing, but a sexually and sensually pleasing practice that puts us out of balance, reminding us where balance really is important. We will address key ways to bring asymmetry into our scenes and working with asymmetrical body forms. We will dance between lop-sided bindings to being forced to balance on one leg, punishment forms to scenes that have an asymmetrical flow to their structure. Bring at least one 25+ ft. piece of rope for hands on opportunities during part of the class, though limited supplies will be available to borrow.

Authentically Kinky

Let’s get this straight… you have twisted, perverted, alternative or kinky desires that set you apart from classical sexuality in some way. You have joined a kink community through books, online or in person… and now that community tells you what kinky “should” look like? Have you started a relationship and you are having trouble with the reality of the relationship being nothing like the fantasy of it?  Be honest- flogging and rope bondage doesn’t do it for everyone, and most of us really can’t be labeled into simple categories like Top, Bottom, Dominant or Submissive. You are a complex being with personal desires, and so is that person next to you. Let’s examine and discuss what makes each of us authentic sexual explorers… finding our true sexual and sensual desires amidst the messages from our communities and beyond.

*** Awakening the Ruby Pentacle

In Feri tradition, the pentacles are powerful tools for finding ourselves in alignment with our journey in the world, and with our calling on this planet.  The Ruby (or Leather) Pentacle calls us to find alignment with the resonances of Honor – Integrity – Discipline – Responsibility – Purpose.  These are the core Work of the Ruby Pentacle, and you are called to awaken its vital energy within your being, or recharge yourself for your Work and Bliss ahead in this learning ritual and astral energetic modification experience.

### Be Yourself or Someone Else: An Introduction to Erotic Roleplaying

So you’ve decided that it could be fun to do some roleplaying, but aren’t sure where to go with it? Let’s develop some skills together! Using classical evocation skills we will work to pull upon our sensuality, anger, sadness, and other feelings on command. Evocation is also an amazing tool for pulling out our own inner Daddy, pony, goddess, or slave. We will then turn to the idea of invocation, to tap into personal, cultural and universal archetypes as well as other concepts that we are drawn to. Just because it’s not inside you, doesn’t mean you can’t learn through some simple exercises and brainstorming to learn how to “draw it down.” Bring your roleplaying fantasies or curiosity for this fun discussion and exercise driven workshop.

Beings of Faith and Desire: Embracing, Balancing and Maintaining Our Spirituality as Erotic Individuals

Many of us are not just sexual explorers, kinksters, swingers, hedonists, power exchange practitioners, polyamorists or queer sex radicals.  We are people of faith, belief, and spirit.  We are Christian, Pagan, Jewish, Muslim, New Age, Hindu, Catholic, or follow many other spiritual systems and truths.  What struggles and unexpected joys have you found in finding the balance between your erotic identities and the truths of your connections to divinity?  Come discuss your hopes, fears, sorrows and joys amongst other individuals invested in or struggling with their respective beliefs as sexual beings.

Beyond Bowed Heads: Rituals for Dominance and Submission

Rituals are a key part of any D/s relationship, whether acknowledged or otherwise. From casual kisses as the door to formal slave poses, ritual objects such as collars to slave contracts, the BDSM world is rife with concepts of ritual- but what is a ritual? What are the levels of ritualistic interaction we have between one another? Let’s look at rituals for day to day life (including how to get out of work or parent space), sacred time, intense connection, erotic play, solidifying relationships, changes within relationships, and the taboo subject of the devastating loss of a relationship or its natural end. From terminology to developing codes of ethical interaction, this class covers a bevy of styles and types of interpersonal reactions.

Binding Intentions: The Art of Fiber Magic

Fiber magic has been a part of sacred mysteries for ages, the Fates measuring our lives, weaving them into the tapestry of life, and then cutting our cords when our time has run out. Let’s discuss the applications of this magical form, from intention setting to connection building, blessings to curses, weaving lives together and relaying the strands of our own lives into the patterns we desire. Cingulums, dream catchers, restraint ordeals, laying astral cords, and creating “haunted” rope, rope and fiber magic comes in a thousand forms and we’ll touch on as many as we can.

*** Bound Intentions: Fiber Magic Ritual

Turn your focus inward, find your will for transformation in the coming year, and work that will in this hands on learning ritual. Using the basics of binding fiber magic, we will apply our desires for the coming year into the physical manifestation of the cords before us, learn about types of knots and knot magic, the basics of dedication work, and then bind all of our spells together into a single long line. From there we will learn about and create a spirit catcher, focus our wills into catching our dreams, and from there learn the basics of tasseomancy (pattern reading for divination) using the web before us. Learn new magic techniques with your hands, and transform your life with the binding intentions of fiber ritual work

Breath and Bondage

Rope bondage effects how we breathe- from the constriction of rope corsets and chest harnesses to positional asphyxia. But how we breathe also has the power to affect how we do bondage-chest breathing vs. belly breathing, intentional breathing for connection, and more. We will look into how breath moves through the body, how bondage positions effect how we breathe, then work to see how ties effect breath before diving into styles of breathing, breath training for bondage bottoms (and riggers too), and connecting through breath in our ties.

+++ Cutting and Kink: Examining Self-Injurious Behavior, Erotic Play & Body Modification

Individuals self-injure and cut for many reasons: abuse, depression, attention seeking, pain management, rage, anxiety, and more. For kink sexuality, BDSM and body modification community explorers, there are possible alternative outlets for these needs, or physically and energetically safer ways to engage in these behaviors. For these individuals, the same scars born of shame and disgust become marks of honor and survival, or take on other different meanings. In this class we will be presenting findings from interviews conducted within the BDSM and body modification communities among those who have previously been or continue to be cutters (or others using cutting or skin-breaking self-injury behavior as a tool not related to erotic or artistic partnered activities). We will examine those who have transformed their need for self-mutilation into other forms of expression, or have maintained both sets of behaviors, looking at whether healthy cutting can ever take place in individual’s lives.

“Dark” Roleplaying

Sometimes co-taught with Wintersong Tashlin
We have been “playing pretend” since we were young… but the realm of kinky sexuality opens up all new directions roleplaying can take.  Join us as we explore the shadowy realms of our fantasies and roles we can try on: abduction, abuse, torture, snuff, fantastical realms and anywhere else our twisted minds can dream up.  We will discuss the joys and challenges of playing in our closet, why it turns us on, how to bring it up to our partners, negotiating our desires and troubleshooting the challenges these types of fantasies can elicit.

Desired Object, Forgotten Object: Erotic Objectification for Animists

In the erotically adventurous world, a lot of conversation has been batted about concerning the idea of objectification and its supposed partner humiliation. However, for those of us who believe objects have souls, things have value, and the earth itself is not something to be thrown away when we are done with it, how does this dynamic between human and human-object shift? Let’s discuss how does our interaction with a human table change for those of us who look at tables as more than wood? Can we apply our desire to create lasting relationships with our human-objects to creating lasting relationships with the non-human-objects in our world as well? In a world where everything has a soul, we will look at whether humiliation has a place in the language of objectification and dive into our own ethics while examining our objects of desire.

+++ Effective Speaking and Presenting Skills

Have you always wanted to speak in front of a crowd but are too jittery? Perhaps you are an experienced speaker or educator who wants their lectures and presentations to stand out and be remembered? Come learn how to effectively use your voice and body language to communicate your message in a wide variety of teaching and speaking environments. From claiming of space to audience empathy, use of vocal range to hiding your nervousness, we will plunge in together and come out more certain of our ability to deliver our message.

Elemental Bondage: Rope Bondage for Connection, Energy and Passion

Rope can ground us into the earth, or have us breathe consciously into the air. Restraint can help us swim through the waves of our heart, or kindle passion from the fire within. Rope has the power to be used as a diverse energetic, spiritual and magical tool, and in this class we will do hands-on exploration of how this amazing tool can be modified to your needs no matter your path. Let’s explore how we connect to bondage, and how we connect to each other, through the notion of Intention + Attention = Magic. No experience with rope bondage or spiritual exploration necessary. Please bring a piece (or two) of rope for hands-on exploration (limited supplies available).

### Encase, Rip, Wrap and Transform: Clothing Bondage Made Easy

Spontaneous ties created from a converted tee shirt. Full encasement fetish scenes for just a few dollars using three pairs of pantyhose. Turning your boots into bondage mitts for human puppies. Let’s examine the whys of using clothing as bondage, from take down scenes to object fetishism, then look at how to convert a variety of clothes into tools of bondage delight. Learn how to make blindfolds, hoods, gags, arm sleeves, mitts, strait jackets, wrist cuffs, sex-assisting devices, mummy bags, strap-on harnesses, water torture devices, and so much more out of what we likely already have in our closets! Please bring a pair of underwear (or take them off in class), socks, a destroyable tee shirt and pair of disposable pantyhose if you want to play along!

Erotic Alchemy: An Introduction to Sex Magic

The world of sex magic is clouded in mystery, with images of shadowy covens and yogis who possess cults of scantily clad women filling the imagination. However, erotic energy working is simultaneously more complex, and much more accessible, than pop media might have us believe. Sexual contact and connection is a powerful tool to use in our sacred, sensual and spiritual lives. From the “Great Rite” to dedicated tools, the power of orgasm to the debates about polarity and resonance, we will examine a wide variety of topics surrounding the world and applications of erotic alchemy.  Join us as we examine and discuss raising sexual energy to create connection, manifest change in our lives, and affect the world at large.

### Erotic Macramé: Creative Decorative Bondage

Imagine the human body as your canvas, and rope as your paints… let’s create art! From body harnesses to creative chest restraint, rope corsets to beautifully applied crotch ropes and rump bindings, we’ll look into some ways to turn yourself or your partner into a sight to be seen. We will also look at ways to accent and add decorative details to other forms of rope bondage. Bring at least 2 pieces of rope, 25+ft in length, for hands-on exploration, though limited supplies will be available to borrow from the instructor.

Examining Partial and Full Suspension Poses

Let’s look at how to get our play partners up into the air or forced onto one toe. This demonstration-based class is for individuals with a sound understanding of rope bondage, though those who are not at an advanced level are welcome to come and watch. We will examine how to create transitioning suspensions, partially suspend our partners, and suspend them in poses perfect for fucking, meditation, torture, and intense scenes with bondage as the point.

Falling In Love with Ramblewood: A Mindfulness Hike

Only at Ramblewood Retreat, Maryland
At big events, most of us only ever get to see perhaps 10 or 15 acres of this 200 acre beautiful piece of land.  This hour and a half (or so) hike will take us from the Dining Hall to the Labyrinth, along the property line around the Lake, to the back path that leads off to the Raven’s Roost and the River, back past the Camp Fire and the Obstacle Course, and wrap up by the Amphitheatre.  Lee will guide you along its pulse, its lay lines, and let you listen to Ramblewood’s majesty for yourself.  We will walk in mindfulness, awareness, and bring attention to our breath and the breath of this very land as we walk, between hearing stories from Ramblewood’s past, present and future.  Please bring: a large bottle of water; a removable overshirt in case it gets cold in the shady areas (if cold/wet, a jacket/umbrella/hat too); comfortable walking/hiking shoes and socks; and a sense of awe and wonder. Using bug spray or sunblock isn’t a bad idea either.  This is a fantastic way for campers new and old to find hidden spots for scenes, or simply to breathe in the amazing space that is Ramblewood.

+++ Finding Your Unique Voice as an Educator

What sort of presenting really calls to you, and why? Do you want to lead group discussions, lecture in front of an auditorium, provide one-on-one mentorship, or give skill demonstrations? What sorts of topics are you called to present on? Physical skills, emotional experiences, psychology of interpersonal interaction, history and academics, or perhaps something totally different? Many of us start out presenting because we are well known for something we do and others want to learn, or because no one else would step up on a topic- but what do *you* want to teach on? What styles will best carry your message and your specific voice? Let’s look at what styles and content truly call to you, and also examine options for both you might not of thought of that may be your calling waiting for you

+++ Fleshing it Out: Sacred and Profane Body Modifications

The world over, body modification is used as a way to express identity – whether that is self-identity, cultural (or sub-cultural) affiliation, personal milestones, political views, spiritual connections, or other points of personal expression. Are you aware of the modifications you have already made to live the life you currently have, such as having a specific hair style to blend in with your peer circle, or living at a specific body weight? We will look at the wide variety of body modifications available today (from henna/mehndi to hook hangs, tattoos to ritual jewelry, stage makeup to genital reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation to flesh removal), and discuss the energy and history inherit in each type of modification, and their social implications today. Let’s examine together why every act of modifying our flesh can be sacred, and every act can profane – no matter the type of alteration, no matter the transformation.

Flying Your Form: Suspension Techniques for a Variety of Body Types

So many images of people in restraint feature a specific aesthetic of model, especially in suspension bondage. In this class, we will look at the realities of the wide variety of physical forms that we want to get up into the air – including OURS! People of size, men, differently abled individuals… let’s look out how we can modify ties and think creatively to have suspension work for us. We will look at why we want to do suspension bondage, how we can use our partner’s forms in combination with rope, and explore together for excellence. If you are already familiar with suspension bondage, feel free to bring along your gear, as well as your experiences and ideas, to experiment together.

Foot Fetishism, Worship and Torture

The foot has been known throughout history to be an item of desire- whether fetishized in the form of high heels or foot binding, submissive individuals begging to give their mistress a pedicure, or an erotic masseuse reaching the genitals by way of the feet. But feet are not just for receptive partners to enjoy. Bastinado (foot beating) was a common practice in dungeons of old, and the gay leather icon of the strong Daddy adoring the boy who is licking his boot is still strong. Why do feet tantalize so many individuals? Form worship to abuse, delight to suffering, we will look at heels, arches, toes (clad in hosiery, socks or bare), the gentle curve of the ankle… and see where this fetish is rooted as well as the variety of journeys modern sexual adventurers take using this classical desire.

From Sensual to Spicy: Sexuality For Every Flavor Palate

Some people like blindfolds and whipped cream. Others enjoy pushing the boundaries of what their body can take. Whether you like intense sensations or more subtle flavors, everyone wins when they learn to explore and express their tastes. Let’s look together at our tastes from mild to wild, creating scenes and play for diverse connections and encounters in our sexual play.

+++ From TNG to KOBRAS: Examining Age-Based Groups within Kink Communities

Age-based peer groupings within alternative sexual practices is not new, but its evolution in the past decade has led to a wide variety of groups now active, from TNG (The Next Generation) to Ohio SMART’s KOBRAS group (Kinky Old Bastards /Bitches Really Are Sexy). This trend is about far more than age. We will look into the history of age-based kink organizations in North America, their original intents, and where they are now. How have these groups evolved, and are they serving or can they serve the needs of the communities they say they are there for? Do these groups have a future, and what does that future hold for both these groups and for the kink communities at large?

FTM CBT: Genital Torment for Queer Bodies

Sometimes co-taught with Wintersong Tashlin
Let’s admit it- doing genital torment on transguys is different than doing it on other bodies. In some ways we struggle, but in other ways we get the best of all worlds- so let’s talk about our desires to torment, tease, punish and pamper our amazing flesh. After discussing the varieties of genitals out there to play with (and what we call them), and how our hormones and modifications (or having had neither) have affected our CBT and sex, we will demonstrate and discuss a wide variety of torment options. Abrasion, piercing, bondage, clamps, caning… plus more advanced concepts like playing with trans genital humiliation will all be up for grabs. Add some dirty talking and negotiation skills into the mix- and watch us squirm!

### GenderQueer Bondage: Rope for People “Between” and Beyond

Ever had to struggle with how to put a crotch rope on a woman who has a little something extra? Wanted to tie up a transman who wanted chest bondage that didn’t make him look like a girl? Perhaps you just want to explore some hot ways to tie up your lovers to make them feel androgynous and exposed? Then this class is for you. We’ll be playing with crotch ropes and strap-on harnesses, alternative forms of chest and torso bondage (to emphasize and de-emphasize curves), and exploring a few other ties that can help us or our partner(s) feel seen as whatever gender or otherness as we experience ourselves to be. Bring two or more pieces of rope, 25-30ft in length, for hands-on fun and exploration in this class for “the rest of us”.

### Getting Involved With (And Navigating) Rope Communities

Ever wanted to get involved in the rope community but don’t know where to start? Shy and overwhelmed? Curious about the types of events and get togethers out there in the land of restraint and desire?  Every event is different, and you deserve to find one that ties in best for you. We’ll look into why folks want to be part of the community (and how that affects your adventure), some of the myths you’ll encounter along the way (from outsiders, riggers, and rope bunnies alike), the pitfalls we may encounter, and have fun along the way.  So pull out your social graces, dust off those safety scissors and (gasp) nylon rope, and let’s dive into this foray into rope events and culture.

***Heart Circle

How are you feeling (and experiencing) the event so far? Would you like a chance to simply talk it out loud as a tool for processing, without others needing to chime in? Join us in the sharing of our hearts and spirits in a non-religious experience of intention and safety. This space will be a chance for everyone to open up, or bear witness, to your journey and that of others. The heart circle is confidential, and all participants must agree to confidentiality and respect before the circle begins.

Hot Harnesses and Head Ties

When exploring rope bondage, there is often a belief that moving beyond the basics is hard. Getting a classic chest harness down is one thing but going further can look tough. Let’s shatter those illusions by modifying harnesses, creating new patterns… and then examine how two basic types of ties can be combined to make complex head cages with the aide of one little hitch. Bring two 25-30ft pieces of rope, and a 25-30ft piece of parachute cord, to play along and learn how to make hot harnesses and tie up heads!

*** I Thee Wed

We each form different relationships in our lives – with friends, family, lovers and more. But what about our relationship with ourselves. In this intense ritual and journey into love, the ultimate question will be asked “Do you take yourself to be your own spouse?” To love and to cherish, to appreciate and support, for the rest of your days? Come dressed in wholesome white or slutty scarlet, a three piece suit or your birthday suit, as this group self-marriage ritual explores our passions for our personal journey. Come make a commitment to your SELF – you deserve it.

Inner Monsters (Bottoms): Delving Into the Darkness of Our Desires

In a world where dark fantasy has been sanitized into “Safe, Sane and Consensual,” how do we address the truths of some of our more terrifying and terrible erotic desires if they go beyond the limits of what is considered “okay” by even our community? How do we look at ourselves in the mirror after we have been ripped apart emotionally and physically, and how can we see our partners who did it to us as the same loved ones we need to live our life at large with? What do we do when our Tops comes to us with their own demons to be exorcised in the bedroom or dungeon, and those things scare us or turn us on and we are unsure if that makes us bad people. In this closed-group, no late entry discussion for Bottoms only (Switches may attend but only speak from their experience as Bottoms) we will examine our own inner monsters, discuss our fears and desires, and look honestly into the mirror and wonder – if we feed the monster, will it consume those we love… or if we starve it, will it eat us whole?

Inner Monsters (Tops): Delving Into the Darkness of Our Desires

In a world where dark fantasy has been sanitized into “Safe, Sane and Consensual,” how do we address the truths of some of our more terrifying and terrible erotic desires if they go beyond the limits of what is considered “okay” by even our community? How do we look at ourselves in the mirror after we have taken our partner apart in the bedroom and left them broken and battered? What do we do when our partners comes to us with their own demons to be exorcised in the bedroom or dungeon, and those things scare us or turn us on and we are unsure if that makes us bad people. In this closed-group, no late entry discussion for Tops only (Switches may attend but only speak from their experience as Tops) we will examine our own inner monsters, discuss our fears and desires, and look honestly into the mirror and wonder – if we feed the monster, will it consume those we love… or if we starve it, will it eat us whole?

### Kink 101: An Introduction to Creative Sexual Exploration and Play

Bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. These words elicit for many people a sense of titillation, or of dread. In this humorous and accessible approach to learning about alternative and sometimes edgy sexual practices, we will be looking at what draws people to this wide array of kinky sex interests, as well as other similar topics such as fetishism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, “alternative” relationship structures, swinging and more. After looking at what kinky sex is and why people get into it, we will have an opportunity to look at the variety of types of things that are enjoyed in spicy bedroom (and out of the bedroom) games, the tools used, and how these things can be and are safe to explore. Bring your sense of humor, your curiosity, and your questions to this opportunity to learn about the wide variety of sexual expression found in BDSM and kinky sex.

Kissing Cousins: Age Based Roleplaying and Desires

When most people outside of the BDSM community talk about Age Play, images like adults in diapers tend to turn a lot of folks off (even if that can be fun). But Age Play for consenting adults can be SO much more! We will explore personal, cultural and universal archetypes of parenthood, childhood, and all kinds of kidhood and adultdom to find a voice for our own diverse desires… from naughty teenage girlz (who says kidz are bottoms?) to packs of boy scoutz. Let’s look at pre-verbal, toddler, school kid, teen, and a wide variety of adult roles that we can enjoy for roleplaying or lifestyle identities. Daddies, Mommies, other familial roles will be explored, as well as how to incorporate age play into your other kinks, while we also touch on the land mines of our pasts and helping kidz and adultz who have been emotionally hurt by past kink relationships.

Laughing Our Way to Intimacy: Humor and Sex

We’ve each had those moments — when the vibrator goes flying or the stereo goes off with just the wrong song, and suddenly sex has turned into hilarity. But looking beyond the accidents that make for funny stories later, how can we incorporate humor and comedy to purposefully add spice, connection, intimacy or variety to our bedroom (and other) erotic adventures? Exploring the different schools of comedy from absurdity and slapstick to satire, black comedy and dry observation, we will see how each can be included in our sexual escapades. Whether you are using humor to try something new, push a boundary, look back on past pain, or simply PLAY — this class is for you.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Frank Discussions around the Realities of our Desires

So here’s the truth- no one has the same type of sexual interactions or erotic expression as anyone else. Some people want to be penetrated, others eschew the idea. Some of us want to be touched certain ways, others don’t. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you enjoy anal play, just because you’re a lesbian doesn’t mean you like having your pussy licked. Every one of us is different. So let’s talk about it! In this discussion based class we will talk about what the hell sex is to us, what we call the stuff between our legs, and what we like to do with it when no one else is watching. Can it be touched? How can it be touched, and what are your thoughts around your body in general? What is safer sex, and actually does it when the passion is turned up to ten? How do you discuss this stuff with your partners, or do you expect psychic awareness or fumbling in the dark? Do you cum, how do you cum, and does it matter? Let’s air our dirty laundry and talk openly, honestly, and passionately about sex!

### Making an Impact: Spanking, Paddles and Canes Oh My!

So you just hit someone with this thing, right?  Far more goes into the erotic art of creating sensations through impact than meets the eye.  Why do you want to be spanked? Why is caning someone sexy to you? Where can I hit them, and how hard can I hit?  Learn to choose tools, how to use them safely in a variety of ways, and create hot sexual connections using impact play.  Individuals who already have such toys are encouraged to bring a few to class to discuss the best practices for using what we already own.

### Negotiating Well With Others… and Yourself!

Sometimes co-taught with Mollena Williams
At every turn, erotic adventurers are encouraged to know their needs and limits, express them to partners, and negotiate! negotiate! negotiate! It is common to feel overwhelmed and uncertain how or where to begin, what to bring up or what to focus on- even for the most extroverted pervert.  Let’s take an opportunity to use negotiation as foreplay, self-exploration, and a road map to our most intimate fantasies, and then come back to developing our skills for negotiating with others, whether for play or within relationships.  And there are so many approaches to negotiation we can take!  Remember, negotiation is a practice and takes practice- like Kung Fu for the erotic explorer.  New, experienced, shy, outgoing, top, or bottom, everyone can benefit from negotiating!

On Their Knees: Tools for Professional Erotic Dominance

So you’ve decided that you want to be a dominant or dominatrix, what now? We will discuss the role of persona development, what to offer, and how to decide upon issues like tribute and limits before meeting up with clients. Then we’ll turn to the issue of negotiation, reading body language, setting the stage, making things memorable, and the types of sessions out there that people enjoy and how the each tend to go… or how to make them your own. Let’s take a serious look at issues of getting your name out there, how to decide upon personal ethics in professional domination, keeping yourself sane in this line of work, and the issue of sticking to our guns while retaining the interest of our adoring fans.

### Open Hearts, Open Minds: Exploring “Alternative” Relationship Structures

Modern romance dictates that a single individual should fulfill all of our needs- from sharing joys and fears, co-parenting and financial commitments to sexual happiness, identity confirmation and spiritual fulfillment. Is this fair? We will look into what relationships give us, then explore a wide variety of relationship structures that are being employed to have people fill all of their needs. Monogamy and serial monogamy are valid options, but what about polyamory, swinging, pre-arranged trysts, or friends with benefits? How do we communicate in our relationships to make whatever structure we choose actually work, and we’ll look into issues like jealousy vs. envy, new relationship energy, and making each of our friends and partners feel like the unique person they are in our lives.

*** The Ordeal of Love

When people think of ordeals, images of walking on hot coals, or hanging from flesh hooks, tends to come to mind. But for many, pushing the limits of the heart can be far more taxing than pushing the limits of the flesh. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the ordeal (whether you enter the center or not), as one by one, courageous ritualists will take to the center and have bestowed upon them words of love, acceptance, adoration, and awesomeness. You are an amazing being, and by facing the fears of your own story, you will brave the fire of your self-deprecation and come out holding the mantle of your loveable truth and essence.

+++Our Intimate Selves: Examining Sex, Gender, Orientation, Intimacy, Relationships Styles and Sexual Behavior

When a baby is born, we lift them up and declare “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl.” With one fell swoop a child’s gender identity, orientation, life experience, sexual behaviors and social interactions have been painted upon them… but we are more complex than that. In this class we will examine homosocial behavior, transgender issues, heterosexuality, chromosomes beyond xx/xy, and the cultures that affect our assumptions. From gender roles to prison sex, linguistic colonization to slut shaming, let’s look at humanity through a broader lens! Buckle up for a wild ride through the diversity of the human experience.

Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional: Techniques for Erotic Pain Processing

Each of us processes pain and intense sensations in different ways. Some of us scream, some go silent, and some laugh with glee. Some focus on the connection we have with our partners and go stoic, while others dance, write and squirm to let the pain come out through movement. From distracting ourselves with other thoughts or body inputs, to breathing techniques we will discuss how different individuals process pain and how to increase your own effectiveness in transmuting pain into pleasure, suffering, or erotic connection.

### Playing Between the Ears: An Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis

Close your eyes and relax, or get yourself all wound up, it´s time to delve into the most powerful sex organ we have to play with- the brain! From formal induction hypnosis concepts to how to just use the perfect words to spice up your sex life, we will be discussing and exploring some practical skills on creating guided visualizations, intensifying roleplaying, building command words, self-hypnosis, and much more. As well as the fun and flirty stuff, we will also look at the legal and ethical ramifications of these sorts of play, horror stories, myths about trance states… and see what mysteries we can uncover between our ears.

### Playing Well With Others: A Kink Community Primer

Ever wanted to get involved in the kink community but don’t know where to start? Shy and overwhelmed? Curious about the types of events and get togethers out there in the land of pervyness?  Every event is different, and you deserve to find one that fits you. We’ll look into why folks want to be part of the community (and how that affects your adventure), some of the myths you’ll encounter along the way (from outsiders and kinksters alike), the pitfalls we may encounter, and have fun along the way.  So pull out your social graces, dust off those leather boots (or heels, or sandals), and let’s dive into this foray into kink events and culture.

Playing with the Head: Hair and Face Bondage

We look out into the world through our eyes, listen to it with our ears, breathe in every breath through our nose and mouth, and communicate our desires with smiles, sparkling looks and verbal conversation. It is understandable why for many people, facial bondage is an invasion of personal space, an intimate form of play, and a hot way to get someone’s attention. We will begin with making rope gags, tying hair bondage, and creating woven head harnesses, but by the end of the class you will even be able to construct make a complex head cage!  Bring a 20-25ft piece of 2-4mm line (nylon, parachute cord, hemp- whatever works for you) for the head cage, plus a single piece of 6mm line for gags.

Power Exchange, Energy Exchange: Energy Flow and Feeding Through Conscious Inequality, Dominance and Submission

When power exchange is discussed in many circles of BDSM, the notion of power being literally exchanged is often glossed over or forgotten. Whether you are kinky or not, conscious constructions of interpersonal dynamics can be an intense tool for accessing life force and the dance of it between individuals or a group. We will look at types of conscious and unconscious power exchange dynamics, why people would want them (for an evening, a long-term connection or between lifetimes), and how to apply the technology to your own magical work, feeding and life. This will also include safety and awareness of astral connections, unintentional bonding, and destructive behaviors. Power is power, and inequality is not inequity, so let us look at this together with eyes wide open.

Power Exchange, Power Dynamics: Conscious Inequality, Dominance and Submission

When power exchange is discussed in many circles of BDSM, the notion of power itself is often glossed over or forgotten. Power permeates our every interpersonal interaction, from how we interact with the grocery clerk to our kink in the bedroom, and there is a difference between unconscious and conscious power use. Let’s examine  where power arises unconsciously in culture, types of power exchange dynamics, why people would want them (for an evening, a long-term connection or between lifetimes). This will include conscious and unconscious roles, bonding, and even destructive behaviors. Power is power, and inequality is not inequity, so let us look at this together with eyes wide open.

Power Exchange with Rope

You have come to me to submit yourself to my will, and I will use my wicked mind and simple ties to bind your spirit to mind, my desires to yours.  Have you always longed to say those words, but aren’t sure how to use your rope bondage skills (or don’t have any) to create dynamic tension in your Dominant/Submissive relationship dynamics?  Whether you are looking to explore D/S in your rope for the first time, or are passionate about power exchange but hoping to explore some beginning rope, this class will give you a chance to examine and sample rope and power from all sides of the play using conversation, demonstration and hands-on exercises.

Punching, Hitting and Deep Bruising

Hands. Fists. Feet. Paddles. Saps. Foam Bats. Rubber Hoses… Let’s delve into ways to really leave a mark, dig into the meat of the matter, feet muscle under your fingertips or how to land blows in a safer manner. From basic anatomy lessons to blow-by-blow ideas of how to use this sort of play in your own scenes- let’s see if we can leave an impression.

Reclaiming our Pleasure Rights: Exploring Sexuality for Trans* Folk and their Lovers

Let’s skip to the meat of the matter: we want sex, we have sex, and we deserve sex. But how can we reclaim our pleasure rights when we won’t even talk about it with our friends and lovers? In this class we will dive into the fears we have around rejection and body dysphoria, then put that all on a shelf for a few minutes to dive into what actually WORKS! How does humor and joy play into our pursuit of pleasure? What issues face trans* folks or others who are outside the binary who have male partners, female partners, trans* partners, and hell, what do you call the stuff between your legs anyway? Does it matter? We’ll touch on the issues of safer sex as well, in a community where our desperation to be touched the way we need to be touched has led to a heartbreaking habit of doing anything to get our needs met. Breathe deep, and get ready to listen from your heart and share from your spirit.

+++ (Re)Thinking Gender

There are a lot of words out there for gender, sex and sexuality nowadays. Join us as we dive in to look at definitions, disclosure, desire, discussions to have, and how to explore this thing gumbo pot of identity and expression. The assumptions around gender need a lot of work. What are our sexual and gender myths and truths? What do we want to do with our bodies? And how do you play with folks who are going through these journeys? Because you know what? We are ALL on a gender journey. Let’s get analytical, let’s get sexy, and let’s open our hearts as we (re)think about gender.

Rope Bondage for the Female Form

From intricate or tight breast bondage to curled poses that emphasize the curve of the hip or exposure of their desires, women’s bodies provide a unique opportunity for practical and creative bondage. We will work on chest ties for petite, curvy and extra-luscious forms, rope-work that exposes or constricts the genitals and rump, body harnesses and rope corsets that emphasize feminine lines, and more. Bring at least 2 25ft+ pieces of rope for hands on play, though limited supplies with be available to borrow, and a willingness to have fun and learn!

Rope Bondage for the Male Form

Men’s bodies provide a unique opportunity for practical and creative bondage!  We will look at what desires men have concerning rope bondage, from restraint to objectification, sensuality to brutality, then find ways to make those desires come true.  Bondage for sex, bondage for exposure, bondage for emphasizing the masculine form- in this hands on class everyone will go home with at least three ties to apply to the male form, and ideas on how to modify the ties in books to suit the men we want to bind.  Please bring at least 2 30ft+ pieces of rope for hands on play, though limited supplies with be available to borrow, and a willingness to have fun and learn!

Rope for Me: Rope Self-Bondage and Auto-Erotic Play

Some of us don’t have partners. Some of us are in relationships with folks who can’t tie their shoes, or are bottoms themselves. Some of us like tying ourselves up, or masturbating while bound. Whatever your reason, you are NOT alone. Let’s explore our desires, safety techniques for self-riggers, discuss tools of the trade- then plunge into how to do a wide variety of self-bondage using rope (but we’ll mention the other options too). From putting a crotch rope on yourself to building coil and cinch hogties, we’ll explore what the human body really can do to itself with rope (and depending on time we may even peek at self-suspension and tying formal a takate kote on ourselves which both take a bit of magic). Please bring three pieces of 25-30ft rope (6mm is my preferred width) and one piece of 10-15ft rope as well (material is of your choice). If you have any of your own favorite equipment for self-bondage, please bring it as well for show-and-tell. This is a hands on class (though non-interactive learners or supporters are welcome), so wear comfortable clothes and bring an attitude of fun and learning.

### Rope for Sex: Erotic Restraint for the Bedroom and Beyond

Rope bondage is a wonderful tool for spicing up your sex life- from binding legs open for access to the loins to turning a bed into somewhere a lover relax and give into their desires. We will learn how to make simple restraints for spread-eagle poses or binding lovers to chairs, as well as exploring ways to bind limb to limb, body to body, crotch ropes (and how to convert them into pieces that can be fucked through), and more. Let’s explore and think creatively about techniques for adding bondage to your style of sensuality and sex. Bring at least one 25-30ft piece of rope, and a dildo if you have one, for rated R hands-on play, though limited supplies will be available to borrow from the instructor.

*** Rope Connection, Bondage Magic

Do you long to bind the hearts of two individuals to one another? Are you hoping to ground yourself to this plane of existence, having spent too much time “floating off” in your own life? Has part of you wanted to separate yourself from the lines that tie you to past traumas?

When we set an intention, and bring attention to it with the fullness of our being, magic is made. In this hands-on class/ritual space, we will be examining our own desires and creating an intentional direction for what our ropes will be “casting” for us. Rope is a powerful, conductive tool for creating spells (for when we *spell* something out, the details of our needs are shown more clearly). Once our concepts have been set, we will dive into doing our magical working in a safe space with others on their own journey, in a space set with rhythmic drumming and awareness to our breath.

This class is a no-voyeur space. Thus, if you come in partnerships/triads/groups, you will be working together, or if you come solo you will be doing auto-erotic spellwork. There will be no matchmaking in class. Though this class is open to all experience levels of bondage skills, no bondage techniques will be taught in this class, and participants will be expected to work with what they know how to do… which given that wrapping a line once around a wrist can pull someone towards us or set a tone… is not an issue.

Bringing rope is heavily encouraged, with an awareness that some magical working might consecrate that rope to a specific purpose, or affect its effectiveness in general “play.” Padded surfaces, ritual garments, and other artifacts and tools are optional, based on what calls you.

Roping Up Your Pony

Some of us don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars on tack, or don’t like leather. Maybe you are traveling and don’t have room for all of your gear in your carry-on. Using just a few pieces of rope we will make body harnesses, leg wraps, tails and even complex head cages together. Bring two 25-30ft pieces of rope and one 25-30ft piece of parachute cord to play along!

*** Sacred Consort: Connecting with your Divine Lover

On the other side of the veil your holy beloved waits. Join this ritual circle and sensual guided meditation out of our mundane world and into the land of our spirit, where our companion awaits us. Some of us will connect to the flame at the heart of the universe, beating in union with our souls and loins. Others will open up to find a specific spirit, deity or being who has been hoping to court us as a one-time liaison or as a partner along our life’s journey. Or we may find a reflection of ourselves longing to embrace our own hedonistic worship and desire. Bring a towel, and perhaps a pillow, sex toys, blindfolds or other tools that you are called to bring for auto-erotic touch as well. Gloves, lube, and other safer solo-sex supplies will be available as well, though physical auto erotic stimulation and/or nudity are not required for participation. Please arrive on time as there will be no late entry allowed.

Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM

In our sensual, sexual, kink, BDSM and fetish encounters, many of us enter into altered states of consciousness without being aware of it! Exploring the eight major routes of Sacred Kink, we will examine how we use the Path of Ritual for earning our leathers, Path of Rhythm for cathartic flogging, Path of Flesh for sensual bondage scenes and so much more. Come learn how to be conscious of your own sacred and magical connections, how these tools have been used for thousands of years, and how to incorporate new approaches to deepen your energetic connections in the future.

Sacred Rope: Rope Bondage for Energetic, Spiritual and Magical Connection

Ordeal path workings using torture tie techniques. Hand-made rope collars for intentional acts of submission. Transformational rites using rope for rites of passage or deity invocation. Bondage positions for yoga, trance workings, and divination. Rope has the power to be used as a diverse energetic, spiritual and magical tool, and in this class we will dive into historical applications of rope magic and turn to the present in a discussion full of storytelling exploring how this amazing tool can be modified to your needs no matter your path.

Safer Sex Magic, Magical Safer Sex

How do we as sacred sex explorers protect ourselves energetically and physically during acts and journeys that involve our bodies, will and desire? From masturbation to kink and all manifestations in-between, we will discuss how to use our erotic props (safer sex supplies, sex toys, fetish items and other gear) for magical shielding, extensions of our astral body, and energetic empowerment. Join us as we discuss body fluids and prana (and how to get our energy to move beyond physical barriers), how to choose what parts of ourselves intermingle with our partners, dedication or cleansing/grounding of our erotic props, energy ethics, sacred spaces, and the why behind some of these interactions. A background in sex magic and energy working is useful to be an active part of the conversation, but is not required for attendance.

Service That Actually Serves US: Giving and Receiving What WE Really Want

Does having your Slave shave his balls three times a day actually help you live a full and fulfilling life? Are you sick of being asked to scrub the toilet as if your partner expects you to cum each time you do? Let’s get down and dirty- talking about and working through exercises on establishing what service we really want, what we are able to give, and what drives us in service from all sides. Is it about effort, quality of outcome, detailed delivery, results, our resources expended… or getting hard/wet? And service is not just provided by Slaves- Masters, Mistresses, Mommies, Daddies, Boys, Girls, Lovers and Friends will also get a chance to look at their desires and see what actually gets them what they actually desire.

Sex Magic Workers and Magical Sex Practitioners

Many of us use the tools of sex magic, or are magical sex practitioners- be they spirit workers, ceremonial magicians, shamans, sacred whores, god spouses, or those dedicating their sex lives to the divine. If you are currently a sex worker doing magical work, a magical worker using sex as a tool, or something else that might apply- join us for a discussion of our ethics, magical practices, safer sex, networking, temple work, designing rituals, the difference between sex magic and magical sex. We will share war stories, lift up our delights, and troubleshoot with one another about our challenges as erotic and magical peers.

Sexy Safer Sex

Co-created with Aiden Harrington, RN
Ready to explore the world of infinite love and sex but want tips on how to do it safely? Already using safer sex practices, but looking for tips to have it be less stressful, more fun, and seemingly seamless? In this no-judgments class, we’ll discuss (and even try practicing with our clothes still on) how to make safer sex sexy, while sharing some of the health concerns that have us want to play in a safer way. We will expand our definitions of sex, reengineer the role that barriers play, and explore techniques and strategies to keep you and your partners healthy and happy – no matter what kinds of hot, steamy action you enjoy.

*** Shapeshifter: A Ritual Journey in Astral Gender and Desire

Your personal gender and sex are far more complex than one physical form might infer.  Join this ritual and sensual guided meditation out of our mundane world and into the land of our spirit, where we will see our astral forms for what they are.  Greeting and meeting our energetic self, we will learn to shift our shapes into a variety of forms that our astral flesh is called to, in ritual work inspired by the astral transformational journeys of Raven Kaldera. After exploring the basics of shifting our astral genders, we will ask these selves that are us what messages of desire, touch or connection they have for us as we move forward in our lives.  Bring a towel, and perhaps a pillow, sex toys, blindfolds or other tools you are called to bring as well. Gloves, lube, and other safer solo-sex supplies will be available as well, though physical auto erotic stimulation and/or nudity are not required for participation. Please arrive on time as there will be no late entry allowed.

### Shibari 101: An Introduction to Japanese Aesthetic Bondage

Japanese aesthetic bondage (sometimes known as Shibari, NawaShibari or Kinbaku) is a tradition with a history combining art, martial arts, meditation, torture, and erotic passion. However, this class is about getting to the meat of the matter – learning the few basic ties that will get you started and actually USING Shibari today. We will cover single and double column ties, chest harnesses, crotch ropes, and learning to think creatively about combining these key elements in your play. Bring at least one 25-30ft piece of rope, more if possible, for hands-on play and practice, though limited supplies will be available to borrow from the instructor.

Shifting In Our Open Hearts and Poly Relationships

Sometimes, we question whether polyamory is right for us, or whether the shape of our dynamic is a good fit for our passions, desires, and authentic selves. There are times when the world is shaky, or when a new flash of inspiration comes to the forefront and we need to jump to keep up with it. Let’s come together to discuss times when we have had challenges, doubts, fears and second thoughts about our open relationships, then turn our eye to how we have transformed one form of polyamory into another, and then another. Let’s see how we can keep our relationships sailing in the turbulent waters, and then find new harbors to call home on the other side of the uncertain waves.

### Simplest Toybag: Creative Uses for Rope

Ever tire of hauling around tons of toys? Ever consider just grabbing a piece or two of rope, and calling that your toybag? Now you can. From leashes to improvised whips, nooses and garrotes to gags to blindfolds, instant vibrator to genital torture device, rope has so many more possibilities to be used in a scene. Bring one 15-30ft piece of rope for playing along. It’s time to learn some new tricks for an old friend, your favorite piece of rope!

Sir! Yes Sir!: Exploring Protocol in Power Exchange Dynamics

Everyone in the Dominant/Submissive and Master/Slave community seems to talk about protocol, but what is it exactly? Where does the line between “common sense” and “etiquette” stop, and protocol begin? We will look at what Protocol is in a power exchange context, delve into terminology, and then examine formats of commonly recognized protocol systems and how these things develop in individual relationships and group dynamics. How does protocol change from public interactions to existing 24/7 in private dynamics? Let’s look into how to further develop our chosen dynamics, implement them consistently, and discuss the difference between enforcing protocol and punishment techniques. These concepts do NOT just apply to M/S and D/S dynamics – from active listening to self-sabotage, this class will touch on communication and lifestyle skills for all types of relationships.

Speed Bondage!

Who says rope bondage takes ages to tie?  In this intermediate level class, we plunge into a variety of techniques, from quick hair bondage to Texas handcuff harnesses, speed wrist cuffs to hojojutsu ties.  We will also look at how to make our movements more efficient for speed and beauty of movement. Students need to come with a working knowledge of how to tie a square knot (reef knot) and have an understanding of how rope feels in their hands, plus show up in comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Two lengths of rope, 15ft (5+ meters) and 30ft (10+ meters) in length is sufficient to do all of the work in this class, though some rope will be available on hand for folks without any of their own.

Spirit of Roleplaying: Invocations and Evocations for Ritual Work and Beyond

Roleplaying is about putting on a mask and becoming something fun for a moment, right? Not for everyone- some of us are called to go further. Whether calling upon a persona that is inherent in our very being, calling down God-forms, donning erotic personas, or embracing animal roles, invocation and evocation can be powerful tools for both personal exploration and intense ritual work. From wardrobe to rituals, dabbling in persona manifestation to evoking emotional responses, and getting into *and* out of head space, we’ll discuss and delve into these tools together. Come explore roleplaying and connect with your personal, cultural and universal archetypes for hot scenes and spiritual identity alike.

Switching Strategies: Fulfilling Your Diverse Desires

The term “switch” has a lot of baggage attached to it in a polarized BDSM community, where you are expected to be a Top or a Bottom, a Master or a Slave- but there are a thousand reasons why many of us feel a calling to cross over from time to time- while others are born to ride a wide variety of sides of their souls. We will be addressing why people switch (Tops who want to know what it feels like, Slaves who want to serve masochistic Masters, greedy versatile pigs who want it all), strategies to finding play partners or relationship structures (one partner many roles, play partners outside of monogamous relationships, polyamory, swinging, open relationships, self-play), and create ways to check in with ourselves about what our own needs are. Let’s look at switching, and see what notions we are ready to embrace, and which need switched around.

Taking the Lead: Human Pony, Puppy and Animal Handling

The freedom of becoming something greater than human is a call for many, but what about those of us who have to take care of these “creatures”? Let’s explore why we enjoy pet handling, owning human animals, and training these beautiful beings. Let’s discuss the psychology of human pets and pet play on all sides of the leash, and look at the needs and desires of all players involved. Together we can examine the practicalities of dealing with bodily functions and the desire to fuck our “pets” without messing head space, shopping for ponies and puppies, and then have some general play time to interact with the pets that may have come to the class today. Whether new to pony handling or an experienced equine enthusiast, we will look at our own desires and how to make them happen.

### The Call Beyond Equals: Dominance and Submission 101

In our culture we are taught that the ideal relationship is one between equals- but some of us are drawn to power exchange, dominance, submission, service, surrender and control for a variety of reasons.  For some this is a fun roleplaying activity in the bedroom, and for others there is a calling from deep within to make this a reality in everyday life.  We will discuss the variety of types of dominant/submissive and leader/follower relationship systems and structures out there, look at our own desires and fears with these sorts of play or relationships, and see how we can incorporate the parts that call to us into our sex lives or world at large.

Turning Ties Inward: Finding your Path and Desires in/with Rope Bondage

When it comes to bondage, when was the last time you listened to your masturbations, desires and inner erotic voice? Does suspension get you all riled up, or are you just doing it because everyone else is? We will look at our fantasies and see how we have applied these fantasies and evolving desires to what we are doing nowadays. This frank discussion/guided experience will bring up taboos, fantasies and passions FIRST, then discuss what paths and styles of bondage people may want to explore to get the most out of what they actually want to make happen in the flesh.

+++ Understanding Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond

The worlds of BDSM and Fetishism tap into a rich and varied history of human magical, emotional, spiritual and energetic experience. Let us have a curious mind as we explore and analyze eight major routes to altered states of consciousness, and how they are accessed in alternative erotic expression. Rituals are passed down among “Leather” community through the gifting of tribal garb. Rhythm is an access point for cathartic flogging. Peeking at thousands of years of sacred practices from monasticism to O-Kee-Pa (Sun Dance), ecstatic dance to channeling, we will examine how these tools have been “perverted” by modern erotic adventurers. In doing so we will become aware of these diverse journeys and approaches, with more awareness for the future of our own academic and interpersonal investigations.

+++ What Labels Give Us, What Labels Take Away: The Power of Gender and Sexual Identity Labels

Before many of us were born, we were given gender labels that set our life course in motion. In this discussion and personally explorative class, we will dive into looking at a variety of questions: What labels have you been gifted, inherited, chosen, been forced into, or run away from? How does your internal identity for yourself affect your outside identity and your interpretation of gender and sexual roles you play or fill? What power do your labels grant you for flirting, community exposure, personal interactions, group dynamics, and more? What do you lose by stating a specific label or expressing it physically at first meeting another individual? How are these labels formed, and why don’t we just scrap them all? Labels can get us hot, labels can turn us off, labels drive us mad, and labels give us hope for claiming our own sense of self. Let’s challenge ourselves, look deep inside, and examine how it all affects the current communities we are a part of.

What’s Leather Got to Do With It? Leather Fetish, Sex and Soul

The world of BDSM often speaks of Leather as an identity, or as shorthand for our passions, but what about leather itself? The hides of animals, our second skins, this material that once lived and breathed has inspired erotic explorers for generations… why? From tools of pain and pleasure to the wide varieties of clothing that wrap around our form and conform to our shape with time- we will examine our tough exteriors to find how leather fetish has inspired leather sex, and in turn, leather soul, identity and spirit… and the term “Leather Community” itself. Bring at least one piece of leather with you- be it a piece of your earned leathers if you come from that tradition, your favorite flogger, a tight pair of gloves, your favorite boots, your old friend of a belt, or something else to inspire yourself or others as part of this conversation towards understanding leather as more than a raw material.

What’s The Point?: Examining the Visions and Unique Selling Points of Sexuality Events

Kink and sexuality conferences have popped up across the globe that seem like clones of one another. We could go to twenty different events, and have no idea what city we are in. So what will make your event special? What should make us care to go? And… why are you even putting it on? Let’s look at our missions as event producers, our voices as educators, and our visions as groups who want to host conferences and events. The choices we make when it comes to our events is sculpting our communities as a whole, and at the end of the day, we and our communities deserve something more than repeating other people’s habits… both good and bad. Bring your ideas to the table so that we can discuss, dream, and figure out what we can do to match our dreams up with what we are actually doing out there.

Woof, Whinny and Meow: Human Pony, Puppy and Animal Play

Many of us have a conscious or unconscious desire to be a noble human equine, a happy puppy dog, an oily pig in a pen, a lazy cat that gets fed, petted and… but what about those of us who have to take care of these “creatures”? Let’s look at the fantasies, desires and passions behind this richly varied form of identity exploration! Not everyone has the same take on this diverse category of interest- from firm training to shamanic interactions, passive pets to feral monsters, sadistic veterinarians to kids with their favorite pet, cuddly creatures to hard-working guard dogs… there is a little something for everyone. Whether you are a curious handler or an experienced beast of burden, join us as we examine the wide varieties of scenes, toys, lifestyles and amusement, diving into practicalities and passions with an open heart and open mind.

You’re Hot when You’re You

Co-taught with Nina Hartley
We’ve all been told on some level that what we are, who we are, or what we want is not normal. Is strange. Isn’t acceptable. Is wrong. But we are all broken, so what? Or more importantly, now what? Join Nina and Lee as they explore their journeys of gender, presentation, dominance and submission, sexuality and more that never had a box to fit into in the first place. From self-examination to self-acceptance to self-celebration, let’s look into what makes each of us truly sexy, truly hot, truly authentic… finding ourselves amidst the messages from our communities and beyond.

### 50 Shades of Rope

Think that kinky play is too complicated, or costs way too much?  With a single piece of rope, you can have a whole bundle of fun, sensual and kinky things. From leashes to improvised whips, erotic restraint to playing dress up, gags to blindfolds, rope has so many more possibilities to be used in an erotic scenario. Come learn some new tricks from Lee Harrington, the author of “Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé.” Whether this is your first tie, or you’ve ridden this rodeo before, add some spice while exploring in a playful and sensual way.

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